My Story

I was drawn to hair at an early age, always trying different haircuts and colors to express how I was feeling internally. However took me many years to finally make a career out of it. Forever grateful for that random craigslist job posting of a 'shampoo assistant needed' and Jack Ray of Samuel Cole Salon for seeing something with in me that I didn't at the time. 

I received my formal training from AVEDA in Chapel Hill which opened many doors for me in the industry. I quickly excelled, so much so I ended up being a Beacon Winner - a nationwide competition for cosmetology students. From that even more doors opened and I was lucky enough to learn from many of my hair idols. After graduating school I found myself always working in education focused salons. My last commission salon experience helped push me to my goal of becoming a Kevin Murphy Session Stylist but also that same salon showed me everything I was not fond of being in the beauty industry.

I never felt truly comfortable or content working within a 'salon' atmosphere for many reasons. Grateful for the experience as well as perspective. For me its about human connection and removing the superficial and toxic beauty standards. I still continue my industry education and most recently working for myself in a shared space studio. I love being able to control my atmosphere and hold space for individuals that trust me to aid them in their creative hair endeavors. I especially love creating effortless, low maintenance feminine bohemian looks.


I do feel as if my practice is ever evolving and I'm finding drawn to make our experience together more than just an external change ~ I hope to also aid you in internal changes. Working with your energy field as well as incorporating your chakras into our session brings me the most joy. However I am very respectful and will not push anything on to you. Only if you are open to it.

with love