Floral Design

Ceremonial Crown & Everyday Crown

Ceremonial Crown

The largest crown I create. This one is intended for big moments in life. Like shown here for an elopement! Completely customizable as far as size, colors & flowers. I recommend ties for this crown for security while you wear it.

Ceremonial Crown & Everyday Crown

Everyday Crown

This crown is the smallest scale of crowns and has even weight distributed through out. Flowers and coloration is/will always be completely customizable! Rebeccah creates one of these for herself each month along with the Full Moon for a self care ritual. 

Avant Garde Crown

Avant Garde Crown

Know for its artistic and whimsical structure. This one shown comes to two different points making your head shape appear heart shaped. However can be customized as far as overall shape and colors/flowers.

Trainstation installation

Floral Installations

Can vary depending on occasion. Built with love and intention.

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