Length based haircuts

I personally believe hair itself has no gender and I prefer to label cuts by length. When reserving a session be mindful of your starting length regardless of how short your desired style is.

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Hairpainting / Petal by Petal Balayage

Looking to mother nature for inspiration, I enjoy creating soft natural looking color as well as bold contrast looks. For this service I use Whittemore House Hair Paint followed by refinement at the shampoo bowl.

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High Vibrational Color 

This service is a completely customizable color session. Most visible on prelightened hair.  Always relying on our gut for what colors to use. A way to adorn and heal using color. A virtual consultation or in person consultation is required prior to scheduling.

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Crystal Reiki 

Reiki is love, reiki is life. Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. I personally like to use crystals to adorn the body and further promote healing the chakras.

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