Pop Ups


This was located at a Durham, NC AirBnB *Sidekick Durham* Jane Sacco hosted myself as well as many other incredible vendors. 

Lots of hair braiding and flowers within or at least behind the ear.

Located in Raleigh, NC 1226 Ridge Rd hosted by the incredible ceramics Mary Parker. This is at her home/studio large spacious yard. Usually takes place on the first Saturday of every month. Different line up of vendors for each event with a huge community focus. 

I like to have meaningful conversations while braiding flowers into hair. Sometimes I will bring my floral designs like recycled milk tab rings. Fringe maintenance is always a big hit too*

Hope to see you there!

My intention with Pop Ups is to be a community & beyond Hair Healer. The Anthony Bourdain of hair if ya will ~ I just want to break bread with all walks of life in a setting that is open and grounding. I also prefer to offer my services at these events sliding scale to be inclusive.


Reach out if you are open to hosting me at your event! 

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