Hair Healer


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Length Based Haircuts

I personally believe hair itself has no gender and I prefer to label cuts by length. However I am known for and specialize in creating soft feminine bohemian hairstyles. When reserving a session be mindful of your starting length regardless of how short your desired style is.


Those with long length but fine hair you may select a shorter length appointment due to timing. 

And those wanting to skip the wash & drying ~ select my DRY cut option. 

High Vibrational Color

High Vibrational Color 

This service is a completely customizable color session. Most visible on prelightened hair.  Always relying on our gut for what colors to use. A way to adorn and heal using color. A virtual consultation or in person consultation is required prior to scheduling.


Fringe Sculpting

Intentional carving using either shears or razor to desired length. This service does not included hair on sides of the head, only forehead region.

ceremonial haircut

Ceremonial Haircut

This is intended for those wanting more from their cut and over all experience. This session doesn't have to be a huge external change. A great option for first haircut on young souls. We set our intentions prior to starting, followed by a crystal comb out and if the mood feels right we can incorporate a card pull or flowers placed into hair to finish our session together. 


Petal by Petal Balayage

Looking to mother nature for inspiration, I enjoy creating soft natural looking color. For this service I use Whittemore House Hair Paint followed by refinement at the shampoo bowl.


Bangs & Bits

Fringe and a bit beyond! This is hair located all around your beautiful face. Ideal for maintaining those shaggy shapes and for those that need weight removal only!

*Just a gentle reminder that your hair is not my property. If an after photo is uncomfortable please don't feel it's expected of you. I will always ask prior.

Also while on the subject I will never shame you or be upset at you for trimming your own hair or seeing another stylist in-between. Check out my *Credits & Referral Page* for those I highly recommend in our local area.

I'm always here for advice and definitely if things get out of hand*



I'm an open book...

I'm someone who has lived many lives and have/has made many mistakes. However I feel fortunate given those opportunities to have learned many lessons and over came many things. If my journey and story can help you ~ just know I am an email away.


Become a Hair Healer

For years within my industry I struggled accepting the name/term 'hairstylist'. Why yes I do work with hair but I feel I was put into this industry as a Healer. It is and always will be so much more than just a haircut with me. This session together we create time and space to talk while also unlearning thought patterns put onto us being within the beauty industry and dive into what makes a hair healer.

I share my personal practice as well as share my rituals behind the chair.

This is not intended for everyone ~ only for those who are drawn to this lifestyle and want to take on the responsibility. 



Personalized Tutorial

This is intended for clients as well as other hairstylist. An opportunity where we create time and space to make your very own tutorial. I advise bringing your tools to this session for me to further help you in the styling process. I have a tripod that we will attach your phone to for recording purposes. Come with a fully charged phone or iPad/tablet.



One on One

3 hours - $333

one live model focusing on what you'd like to focus attention on. In depth consultation followed by observing my process. Finishing the session with a conversation breaking down each step.

6.5 hours - $777

up to two models focusing on what you'd like to focus attention on. In depth consultation followed by observing my process. Followed by you working on second model with my direction and guidance. Finishing the session with a conversation.


Social Media

In todays world we have socially transformed in the sense of relying on online/social media as a way to further connect to OUR people. Let me help you create your ideal social platform to further connect you to your authentic audience.

This session can be done in multiple ways: via email & phone call or in person within or away from your work space. This normally is done with in 3 1 hour meetings however I am open to a one day 3 hour session with you.


If interested feel free to reach out with preferred dates and or questions...

Thanks for submitting!